About Us

We don’t just build homes. We build relationships. And with that, we build up trust between ourselves and the homeowner.

Gradually, over time, these bonds between ourselves and our clients have grown into links with the community.

And now, after twenty years in business, we are proud to call ourselves not just part of the community, but prominent in it as well.

Without ever advertising, we have allowed word of mouth from our clients to get around and deliver our reputations in the community we serve.

Today, we are proud to not only build for our clients, but to help our neighborhood out as well.

In addition to our many homebuilding projects, we have also undertaken work – for cost price only – on social enterprises in our community.

These include creating communal gardens in senior citizens’ accommodation and maintaining the upkeep of the local community center.

We have also contributed towards an extension for the local elementary school and have an ongoing commitment to assisting our senior citizens with their housing needs.

For our seniors, we offer a discount on all building work carried out by our company.

Our business can deliver it all – with in-house electricians, plumbers and gas fitters, we have got your entire extension or building job covered from every angle.

All our work comes with a guarantee that we will come back and fix anything that is not quite right the first time – not that we have had to do that very often!

Additionally, our company specializes in low allergy environments, making our work highly sought after by asthmatics and other sufferers of respiratory conditions.

If you have a special need for your build – whatever it is – talk to our team, who would be delighted to help you.

But the thing that sets our company apart from all the others in the area is our local reputation for trustworthiness.

When we say that we are going to do something, we do it.

For a quote you can trust, call us today!